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Before you buy any product, you will always want to seek for the question "Is product a Scam" 

So, this time, we make a post to answer your question "Is AvatarBuilder a Scam or Is Avatar Builder a Rip Off" so that you will be confident to take decisions.

So, this non copy paste review post will help you find out.

Why Do We Ask This Question?

The main reason is because the sales page or the product (plus fake reviewers) seems to boost the product a lot (some are hype review, some are fake reviews)

Besides, AvatarBuilder advertises to be the World First 3D Avatar Customization technology, but, the word world first shoud be looked with cautiousness. This is because i have seen the same technology before, which is made inside two software tool like Animaze and Mugjam. But, the thing is, Animaze is one of the software bonus from Paul Ponna's team for their Doodle Maker launches, so, they actually just combine the technology, coding of Animaze, Doodle Maker and VideoRobot into the same app Avatar Builder, well, i'm not sure about that and i hope that's not real.

Unlimited is also what we suspect here. As you know, it has tops features like tons of templates, text to speech (from Amazon Polly) so that they have hundreds of speech character voices file and you can still make and render unlimited video. With low one time price and even the hosting of the app for thousands of buyers, i just wonder, how the product creator makes profit when they charge one time fee so low while they need to deliver a lot value and server resources, how and how.

However, in our opinion, money doesn't matter, the matter is that the value you get and does it really work?


After providing the real content in this AvatarBuilder review article, we hope that you've found an answer. Obviously, Avatar Builder is not a scam, it's a proven product sold by a big Jvzoo vendor, Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar. And please remember, they are some of the biggest vendors on Jvzoo with various successful but unique software launches such as Doodle Maker, Video App Suite, Video Dashboard, Video Robot, which are all above $500K in revenue. I also notice one thing, if customers are not happy with his product, Paul will refund as he never tries to take the money of customers without seeing their happiness and satisfaction.

Not just that, Paul is so active to broadcast FB Live webinar on his success fb groups and communities, none of the scammer can do the same thing as Paul Ponna, which is a clear proof that the app AvatarBuilder is legit.

As Paul Ponna's team has made the tool Video Robot and Doodle Maker, he may copy some techniques of these tools to make a brand new Avatar Builder video app, and the product is totally different, so, it's definitely not a relaunch of the same app.


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