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Before you buy any product, you will always want to seek for the question "Is Affiliate Suite a Scam" 
So, this time, we make a post to answer your question "Is Affiliate Suite a Scam or Is AffiliateSuite a Rip Off" so that you will be confident to take decisions.

So, this non copy paste review post will help you find out.

Why Do We Ask This Question?

The main reason is because the sales page or the product (plus fake reviewers) seems to boost the product a lot (some are hype review, some are fake reviews)

Besides, Affiliate Suite advertises to Get Insane Results With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse. But few click is what i suspect here. Because we have the drag & drop builder but it's a grid builder and somewhat buggy just like Commission Gorilla and not allow us the freedom when building page. 

Price of the app is also what we care. While price is lifetime while the product creator still delivers the hosting. In fact, in the past, an app that Misan has co-launched with, PixelMate, was dead because the owner (carson) had cancelled the hosting bill of that software after selling them. Is this one the same, well, you must care about this.

One thing we should care is the bad reputation from Misan Morisson's products by selling an app successfully and then, offering it as a bonus product (even with reseller license) so that anyone can get an app for free without buying a tool. But as a buyer, we would not happy if we have invested an amount and then see it's offered for free, as i have seen the case from Animaze (bonus for Paul Ponna's product) and Fx Funnel, Veed Ads and FX Visual Clips (bonus for tons of product, mostly used by Victor Akpos and Med)
However, in our opinion, money doesn't matter, the matter is that the value you get and does it really work?
After providing the real content in this Affiliate Suite review article, we hope that you've found an answer. Obviously, AffiliateSuite is not a scam, it's a proven product sold by a big Jvzoo vendor, Misan Morrison, the man behind top big launches like Tagget and Livvyo, which has generated over $300,000 in launch revenue.

And until now, i have never seen Livvyo, Tagget and Stock Rush were offered as a bonus for any product online, so, we totally trust that this tool won't be the next. This time, the app is made by Michael Agene and this man doesn't support an idea of offering software as a bonus after selling it like Med Amined from Mindevs.



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